Sunday, November 8, 2009


To all my Twitter Followers:

This morning, I turned on my computer as usual, checked e-mail, checked my shop and went to Twitter to see if I got any special tweets for the day. I had several spam DM's, but I know them.  I never clicked on them and never would.  I just shut down Explorer and started my busy day.

I was outside all day. I cleaned my garage out for the winter, then went to cut the grass and mulch leaves. My mower didn't start. I worked on it all day. Cleaning the spark plug, checking it all over to get it started with no luck.  So I had to rake leaves. I started at 9:30 AM and finally got back into the house around 3:15 PM.  I got stuff together for supper and wanted to check e-mail...the usual stuff. I went to Twitter, through TweetDeck, and I see all these Mentions that my account was hacked because they were getting spammed by me!!??? It wasn't me.  Several people stopped following me because of this and my account was suspended for a brief time too.  I then realized I was hacked. 

So, to all my followers, I need you to know that I would not, could not send you spam.  I wouldn't send any of my followers anything to jeapordize their account.  I also ask that if you get any DM's from me directing you to some site to "test your IQ" or anything like that, DELETE IT! DO NOT OPEN IT! IT WILL GET YOU HACKED!  I apologize to all who have been annoyed by this arrogant person who thinks they have the right to do this.  But please be assured, it wasn't me.

With the help of a great fellow follower, Gilliauna, I went through a process she sent me suggested in a blog posted by Chel, http:/  I hope this worked, I really do.  I also contacted Twitter to let them know I was hacked.  Lastly, I have been trying to delete the spam DM's, but I can't at this time.  I'm not sure why right now.  I will keep trying till they are gone and hope that new ones don't return.

If anyone else has been hacked try this process posted on Chel's blog.  If anyone still gets DM spam from me, please let me know on here and I will keep trying to fix it until it stops! I promise.

Again, I'm so sorry for all this mess!


Sunday, November 1, 2009




REVISED...AGAIN! I think people are too busy right now for contests. BUT, still want to give this away. So to get it done, I'm going to reduce the RT count again.  Same rules, just a new RT count to get this done. 

Winner will be posted on Twitter and here on my blog. So, be sure to bookmark or follow my blog in case you miss my tweet about the winner!

I will also send a DM to the winner on Twitter to give details on shipping out your prize!

To enter you must go to Twitter and RT the following:  RT @DelicateLinks WIN THIS NECKLACE SET 50 RT Wins 1 RT/hr. plz

Click on the link above to get further details on the prize in my shop at Etsy!


NOTE:  I sold a blue necklace very similar to my giveaway necklace and got this e-mail from the buyer...

I just received the blue necklace and earrings today (Saturday). It was fun to have the colorful wrapping- a great touch! The pictures you have truly do not show the pieces justice. I absolutely love them- I was able to wear them to a wedding today- matched my dress perfectly. They are very comfortable to wear and the necklace is just the right length.

Thank you so much!

Here's the link to that necklace: